Jaipur Gems Centre is constantly evolving its products and variety, by offering a wide range of fine jewellery, precious gem stones, silk and pashminas shawls, hand crafted wood, brass and stone statues and custom designs.

Fine Jewellery
Every piece of jewellery is specially designed and handcrafted by the Jaipur Gems Centre team. The best quality gemstones are combined with precious metals to bring out very fine and unique pieces.

Custom Design Jewellery
Jaipur Gems Centre offers custom designs for any piece of jewellery to fit the needs or specifications of their clients. They maintain confidential records to make their clients design as unique as they are.

Healing Gemstone Jewellery
Jaipur Gems Centre design jewellery based on the natural healing properties of the stone and inspire each piece with symbols that appropriately fit the stone's energy. Creating yoga-inspired jewellery and jewellery suited with many different energies.
Our healing line includes malas, 9 planet precious bracelets, Astrological bangles etc.. And we also custom design jewellery based on the needs of their clients and the healing benefits.

Precious Gemstones for Jyotish
Jaipur Gems Centre also offers a very wide

Fine Threaded Shawls
With a wide array of the finest of shawls available, Jaipur Gems Centre offers shawls made from fine silk to the purest thread of Pashminas. We offer a wide variety of colors and styles to suit the latest trends and they also offer custom designs for their clients.

Hand Crafted Statues
Sourced from the interior villages of India, Jaipur Gems Centre searches for the highest quality artistry. Anand takes it upon himself to travel all over to find the finest and most unique pieces. From wood statues carved in South India, to Tibetan copper statues, Jaipur Gems Centre offers pieces that are filled with artistry and personality.

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